Whoa… my first blog entry


I’ve never created a blog before so initially I was a little overwhelmed and confused.


But I like a good challenge and love telling stories and this this could be a in interesting forum to do so.

I embarked on my journey by by following the guidelines in the http://ds106.us/ blog. I visited wordpress and created the shell for my blog, number1fio. Why number1fio you ask? It’s actually my old aim handle from the 90’s and I continue to use it whenever I need a screen name for anything. My favorite number and softball and volleyball jersey number at the time was 1 and fio was short for my last name before I got married. 

Once the name was selected I went to Gravatar and uploaded a custom icon I created. I think I will change that at a later date but it works for now. Then I created the my own tools pages, going with the fio theme I named it Fio’s tool box. I added some placeholder info for my About Fio page. Last, I added categories to the page. The process was fairly intuitive. Honestly, I’m surprised I never created a blog before!



One thought on “Whoa… my first blog entry

  1. Off to a great start, I like that you carry an old AIM handle as an identity… and that you slipped a Neo reference in the blog title.

    The blog is looking really sharp, a good theme choice (you might want to check the MI hyperlink, it is missing a “:” — by week 3 you should be embedding those youtube videos!)

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