Final Project Idea Initial Ideas


Final Project Idea

I have a few general notions. I don’t think it should be anything that’s a step-by step procedure such as a recipe or manual. I think it should be something that that audience needs to be persuaded to perform or chose one option over another, more or an idea then a process.

If I had to throw out and idea I’d say something along the lines of having someone tell a story of how they lost weight eating healthy food and then offering cooking instructions to prepare food. Or, maybe a teenager telling the story of how he saved his friends life performing CPR and walk through the steps of what he did in a dramatic fashion.  I love medical shows and they always draw me in and don’t know much about medicine myself so something like that seems like it could translate well as a story.


6 thoughts on “Final Project Idea Initial Ideas

  1. There is no right or wrong here; my point in asking you to do this (which I will every week) is to try different ideas out so you have a set to choose from at the time to do your project.

    The thing is some of those already have a story; maybe consider the medical situation in real life (a checkup, preparing for a blood test) that might help people deal with it better were it a medical show (?) get it?

  2. I agree that you could dive a little deeper but I think you could do the healthy eating one if you made it about the one aspect that is hard to understand like BMI or food labels. So do a story about BMI being a person and needing to be feed. So happy with healthy foods and sad with non. Also how to go to store and read labels.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. It’s actually quite timely for me because i’ve really focused on healthy lifestyle changes this year. More fitness related but i’ve changed my diet too. I know that may be shocking coming from the girl who writes half her posts about food ;).

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