Feedback on Feedback


It’s been interesting to see my other classmate’s blogs. I think I’m being a little overly detailed perhaps but I’ve always been a little too wordy for my own good.

I found that most of the posts I read were very relatable and I had similar reactions to the other writers. Three out of four of us used the same key words when we described storytelling for example. Three out of three of us picked commercials about food, two were about NBA stars.

This makes we wondered if our company picks like-minded people or if most people tend to write similar descriptions?  I think I’ll have more to write about this next week when more people have provided comments on my blog.


2 thoughts on “Feedback on Feedback

  1. Hold on there… you can never write too much for this teacher- keep the words flowing.

    The similarities in what you observe in your classmates blogs.. maybe we have an imaginary story going on the way Human Resources really selects employees….

  2. I agree–detail is never a bad thing when it comes to writing. It’s pretty annoying when people are vague when you’re talking to them, but even more so when you can only read and not interact live with someone. I definitely think there’s a “type” for our company, and that’s not a bad thing. We are all driven to succeed and driven to provide the most effective solutions in anything we do.

    Ok, that might have been a little vague…..

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