Week 2: The New Batch (of assignments)


Week 2: The New Batch (of assignments) was another fun and interesting week. If I had to pick a theme for my blog this week i’d say it was food which is fine, as long as it is not consumed after midnight.

I started the week off by refreshing my memory about layering in images and audio. I’ve done enough work with Photoshop to be dangerous and I’ve done basic audio editing using Adobe Audition so the term layering isn’t foreign to me.

A missed opportunity for an example of layering is 80’s clothing. I’m kidding and wanted an excuse to put this photo into my blog.


The use of audio to enhance storytelling was evident in the Doppelgangers radio show I listened to. Both stories, though very different, used audio to enhance the storytelling. The first story was a humorous tale about the pork industry’s attempt to pass off pork as imitation Calamari. This goes along with the food theme for the week. Audio was added to enhance humor and the element of realism. The second was about two young men battling PTSD. Audio was added to emphasize points of transition and sympathy. To read more about either story visit my blog.

The second task of the week was to analyze a commercial that used storytelling. I’ll give you one guess to pick what the topic of my commercial blog was? Give up, it was food, more specifically a taco. The key takeaway from this assignment was storytelling can be used effectively in commercials but the objective of the story should not be forgotten.

My thoughts on feedback are still a work in progress. I enjoy reading my classmate’s blogs and find them interesting and thought provoking. I hope they feel the same way about mine. Bottom line, keep the feedback and comments coming!


One thought on “Week 2: The New Batch (of assignments)

  1. Good job on the catchup- I’m glad to know you have PhotoShop and Audition chops, that will make the next few weeks less daunting (or maybe I will expect more) (just kidding).

    Oh no, 80s clothing! I am assuming that is reference to the style (it was so long ago and unmemorable, I forgot the 80s).

    Keep up the good work writing up your work and the giving feedback. You are on a good track now with the way the course works.

    PS- The gremlins reference was perfect.

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