Stop or my Mom Will Shoot a Bad Photo


I chose to take pictures in silly positions recommended in 10 Unconventional Tips to Become a Better Photographer and follow the rule of thirds described in Don’t Just Shoot.

I think I have inadvertently taken pictures following the rule of thirds before. The most classic being sky, water, and beach you get a nice combination of colors and contract between light blue sky, dark blue water and white sand. I don’t have a beach of front of me today but I found some things around my condo that were naturally split into thirds such as shelves and some other items that I had to manipulate to create this effect. Excuse the dust, we are remodeling.



I’ll be honest; I don’t think the picture I took of the shelf was stunning. That’s probably for other reasons like the lack of contrast and light but it’s it allows me to bring one point, all rule of thirds photos are not fabulous, other elements must be taken into consideration. I do however like the other two photos I took.

I didn’t see anything else that looked interesting on its own I decided that I needed to manipulate some of the objects in my own environment. The first attempt required me to adjust my sliding blinds so I ended up with sliding blinds on the left with window open in the middle and a wall on the right. This picture has nice contract in light and dark and the sections don’t blend together.


The last picture of this type I took is my favorite. It follows the files of thirds and the images in the foreground form a natural frame around the image in the background. It also creates depth. The building is about a half mile away so there is in fact depth there to begin with. I also like the way the light in the top third spills into the second third so it looks like the building in the distance has a celestial glow.


My pictures from silly positions were fun and easy to take. I decided to crawl around my condo and see what looks interesting from a two foot eye level and took a few from angled towards the ceiling. My favorite images from this sequence were an angle inside of my oven and from the bottom of the bathtub angled up towards the facet at the water was running. I had to be careful not to get water on my phone when I took this picture.




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