5 Photo Challenge: Rufus’ big adventure and subsequent reflection


Five Card Story: Rufus’ big adventure

a Five Card Flickr story created by number1fio

Rufus and Adam were best buds. They did everything together! They watched TV, went on runs, went to the park and best of all, Rufus helped Adam meet girls. Adam was a shy guy with a good heart who always seemed to say the wrong thing, but with Rufus by his side, Adam was more confident and had girls would come up and talk to Adam so they could meet Rufus.

flickr photo by Choconancy1

Rufus was a great dog, loyal, friendly, and great with kids but he was a little too curious for his own good and would occasionally sneak out of Adam yellow fence and go explore. He always returned within a few hours so Adam was never really worried about him very long.

flickr photo by dwtno

Adam searched high and low. It was starting to get dark when he reached the abandoned dog food factory near the park they went to. He has a syncing feeling in his chest that Rufus was there. If there was one thing he knew about his pup, it was how much he liked food. Each time they walked by that place Rufus’ nose shot up in the air and sniffing ensued shortly. Damn it Ruf, Adam thought to himself. Rufus had wandered here before and the security guards had threatened to arrest Adam if they caught him wandering around again.

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by Intrepidteacher

Just then Adam’s phone rang. An unknown number, Adam thought to himself. When he picked up the voice on the other line said, hi, is this Rufus’ owner? Adam took a deep breath, “yes” he said. “Listen, I have your dog at my book shop, can you come over and pick him up? The address it 343 main St.” Adam let the voice on the other line know he’d be right there. When Adam arrived at the beige building with a blue door he heard Rufus barking immediately. The door opened and a beautiful woman walked out followed by Rufus. After that initial thank you and polite small talk Adam decided he should make a move and ask the woman out for coffee to thank her for finding his dog. When she responded with an excited yes, he smiled and thought you himself, Rufus, you silly pup, you knew it all along. 

flickr photo by bionicteaching

Fio’s Reflection:

I think I was able to create a good connection between the pictures. I admit that I did shuffle through a few difference sequences of photos to see if any of them caught my attention. My biggest criteria was seeing a character in one of the first two photos I looked at because I think its more challenging to tell a story without a character Not impossible, but more challenging.

I think my story followed story shape:

  • Rufus and Adam are best friends (medium)
  • Rufus gets lost (low)
  • Adam looks for him then (lowest)
  • Adam receives a call from a woman who found Rufus (medium)
  • Then Adam finds love, or at least a date (high)




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