The Champ


I developed The Champ, a story of a boxing match as told by sounds and no narration for several reasons.Click the play button to listen to The Champ.

I thought the story would be easy to follow. Boxing does not require much narration to understand and has a very simple story line. I thought the story of a boxer, preparing for a fight, fighting, knocking out his opponent and winning to the delight or fans is a pretty simple but effective story with very distinct sounds. And of course, no story about a hero/athlete is complete without a theme song and uplifting music in the end!

I developed the audio story using Adobe Audition. I have used Audition before but this is the first time i’ve used the mutitrack feature to layer sounds. I had some moments when only one sound of playing at once for example the intro from we will rock you and the end theme song played along. But throughout the fight I had a track of cheering and a track of boxing noises. When the fight got intense I added extra custom punches and the sound of a body falling to intensify the story line.

I own copies of both we will rock you and “gonna” fly now so I don’t have a place to direct everyone back to source files. I downloaded all of the other sounds from Freesound. The list below contains links to the source files:

It’s also important to note that I had to edit the lengths of some of the tracks, for example I only played the first 10 second of we will rock you, and 30 seconds of “gonna” fly now. I also made the loud cheering fade in and out because it was so much louder then the files before and after it. This was a feature I have used an an older audio editing tool but never in audition before.

Partial screen shot of "The Champ" being developed in Audition. There were 9 tracks in total.

Partial screen shot of “The Champ” being developed in Audition. There were 9 tracks in total.


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