Week 3: Try Hard with a Vengeance


The title of this week’s summary is a play on the classic Die Hard with a Vengeance. I debated if I could refer to it as a classic then realized that its in 20 years old. They classify music that that 20 years old as classic rock so I guess the same would be true for movies? Scary thought.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the old adage a picture is worth a 1000 words. This week we learned about using pictures of tell stories.

In Stop or my Mom will Shoot a Bad Photo, I tried a few different techniques to enhance my photos. The first was using the rule of thirds to naturally slice images into three segments. The second, talking photos from silly caused me to change the way I looked at the word.

In Picture Perfect and The Story Behind the Picture Perfect Gallery, I went on a photo scavenger hunt to find interesting photos around my condo. My favorite photo is probably a drill in my refrigerator.

Photo of two things that do not belong together

Photo of two things that do not belong together

Then I wrote a story about a dog who helped his master pick of ladies in the 5 picture flicker challenge. This helped to realized that I can write a story based on almost any sequence of five images. To read about Rufus click here.

The last two blog articles I wrote feature different pictures I created in Photoshop. For a list of the story being the images select the images. I’ve prefer to let you have your own interpretation of the images then read more about them if you are interested.

Apple Lemon Bushbouquet-of-18 roses 1 is red


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