When life gives you lemons, grow an apple lemon bush.


Apple Lemon Bush

This is the second of the visual assignments I’ve completed for week three. I was looking at red images for my last assignment including roses, barns, and apples because I think red is a powerful color. That made me think about apples and agriculture, specifically bushes. Then I thought, would it be funny if something else were to grow with apples. First I thought about oranges and then I decided to go with lemons because they just looked funny together. I think the images is fresh and a little whimsical and may make “city folk” think twice about where apples come from.

I used Photoshop to create the assignment. I opened the bush image up and made it the background image.


Then I opened of the apple image. It was too large so I resized it to fit the scale of the bush image. Then I used the quick selection tool to select the apple only, leaving the white background behind, and pasted it into the bush background.


I pasted the apple three times so each apple was a separate layer and left the layers in the default position at the center of the screen. I followed the same process for the lemon image but copied five lemons layers onto the bush.


Then I selected each layer one by one and moved the lemons and apples around so they were spread out across the bush. Last, I saved the image at a PNG so the file is compressed into one layer.


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