Can I Take your Order?


I selected this week’s assignment because it has to do with food and because it sounded funny. The assignment I selected was pretend i’m ordering food at McDonalds in an accent that is different than mine. I’m not great at accents so I slightly changed the assignment and did not select an accept per say but instead attempted to sound like an airhead sorority girl ordering food. Folks, in case anyone is offended I was once in a sorority and like to poke fun at myself. Thought I try not to speak this way, I’m sure I slipped into “character” a few times in my younger days : ). To listen to my clip, press play or I may break out into one of my sorority’s cheers :).

I wanted to get this in one take so I spent a few minute brainstorming what I should say. It’s a little ironic that I had to brainstorm about what an airhead would say but I did :). I decided I wanted my character to be picky and indecisive. A good sorority girl wants salad and doesn’t want any of the ingredients that come on the salad. Additionally I wanted her to be concerned about her weight and order diet coke, but then go for the fries that she really wants. And of course, no trip to a drive through would be complete without a little giggling in the background from friend in the backseat.

I also liked the idea of having the employee interact with the girl so I spoke in a slightly different voice then my own and muffled my voice.

When I was ready to record I practiced my voice a little to get into character then press record on adobe audition. I got in in one take and the little imperfections where I was thinking about what to say next added to the authenticity.


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