Bring It On: Fight to the Finish – Week 5


In case you haven’t noticed by now I try to name my weekly summary titles after movies. OK, I didn’t do that for week one but did for all the other weeks. This being the fifth week I had to name if after the fifth movie in a series. Surprisingly there are a lot of direct to TV fifth movies and a few (new) classics liked Harry Potter and Star Wars but I decided to select Bring it On: Fight to the Finish because is references two of my assignment topics this week.

the first, is my 90 minute story by made by sounds The Champ, the story of a boxer winning a fight. I had a good time making the champ and appreciate all the time that goes into editing sounds. The second is my rendition of Can I Take Your Order, the adventures of a cheerleader/sorority girls in McDonald drive. through. Maybe it was more or an impersonation then rendition?

The last reason reason I selected the title is because the next 7 days will be a fight to the finish for me. Much like like the boxer I have trained for this (lots of all nighters in my job and in college) and will be able to pull off the upset but finish the last two assignments in seven days. Maybe I should have called this mission impossible.

The other bit assignment I worked on this week was Foley Proof – The Lion Sleeps Tonight, a folly I created in my bathroom using water, a pain tin, toilet paper, a towel, my bath tub, my door and some creative self made sound effects. I think my favorite sound effect I made was the dog growling but I really enjoyed the paint tin dropping sound. It really made an excellent water dish falling sound.

One last thing, I realized I have not added no ideas for my final project this week. Due to the compressed nature of my last few assignments I’ll probably come up with one big idea. I know that’s deviating from the outline a bit but I’ve never been one for rules… no but seriously, hopefully that’s ok. I will come up with a decent idea towards the end of the week and create my masterpiece this weekend just in time to toast champagne next week at midnight on Monday. Hopefully I submit the assignment a litter sooner but I think you get the point.


One thought on “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish – Week 5

  1. I await the champagne opening and more movie referenced blog titles.

    As you noted, its not wort shoving in a project title idea just for the sake of doing it because it was on the list. I have a colleague who talks about avoiding pointless assignments; I’d rather see and read about your race to the champagne line.

    Run Forrest Run.

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