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I selected the 8 rules of fight club.

Video play by play:

The whole screen is very dark. Edward Norton is in the center of the screen but it’s as if he is hiding behind a wall to remain in the background of the image. He becomes more in focus and turns his head towards the person in the background.

The scenes cuts to people walking in the door. They are walking to the left and it’s clear they are coming in but their faces are in in focus.

The camera roles to the right remaining on the whole time to capture the movement. Brad Pitt is featured front and center. The room is dark but more light is focused on him than anyone else in the dingy scene. The camera continues to focus on Pitt as he talks. The camera angle shifts slowly as if the camera man is walking slowly behind Pitt to film his back.

The scene cuts to another place. This place is much lighter and brighter. The camera is above Norton. It’s almost as if he is insignificant. He’s also in the bottom left hand side of the screen. The angle quickly shift focus to the man talking to Norton, he is filmed below eye level and he looks strong and dominant compared to Norton. He is in the upper right-hand side of the screen. He exists stage right and we cut back to Norton sitting at a table in the center of the screen.

We are back in the dark place we were before and Pitt is front and center again for a brief second. We cut back to a scene in an office. Norton is standing on the right side of the screen and a man with a cart begins to walk towards him. He man is the focal point of the scene and he nods to Norton. As the man exits the camera slowly moves to the right and begins to focus on Norton.

We are back to the dark room and people are fighting in the middle of the floor. Pitt is again is at the center of the screen and more light is shining on him as he gets up from the fight bloody and triumphant.

We cut to a back alley. Pitt and Norton are standing an arm’s length apart from each other. Pitt is on the left as the fight begins. Norton throws the first punch moving to the left but Pitt launches back at him moving up and to the right. The angle changes to behind Pitts back and we zoom out a little. We see Pitt pounding on Norton. The angle changes again and we face facing Pitt and Norton has his back to us. Pitt is firmed from below eye level.

We cut back to the basement scene and zoom in on Norton. He is in the light now but getting the $hit kicked out of him to put it nicely. The camera zooms in even more to see his bloody face. He is being filmed from above on the left hand side of the screen.

We cut to two men in and office forcefully undressing a man lying on the table. The man laying town is at an angle that is diagonal and to the bottom right.

Cut back to the basement. Norton is fighting now. He’s on the right side of the screen punching left. The angle changes twice to show his face as his opponent falls forcefully to the ground.

The next image we see is the man laying on the ground but the ground is on the right hand side of the screen. The man is clearly in pain and sweating. The angle shifts again and this time Norton is on top and to the left being filmed below eye level as he throws punch after punch.

The final scene is the Back of Pitt’s heard front and center, then the camera zooms in on his face as he speaks. As the camera zooms in Pitts disappears and we see Norton in the same place. It’s almost as he her morphed J.

Sound play by play:

Music plays as Norton begins to speak. About five second in narration shifts to Pitt. He reads the rules of fight club slowly but surely. The last few second of the scene, the narration switches to Norton mid-sentence.


Watching them together I realized I didn’t miss much. There were some placed the background music had a drum bang when someone got hit or to emphasize a key point. The most notable observation I had by watching and listening is that point at the end, when Pitts morphs into Norton is when the naration switched.

One other observation I had is how Norton became more prominent in the scenes as story progressed. This was almost like a training montage seen you’ve see in a move where the character grows a lot in a short period of time. Only in this case growth means becoming more confident (good) and losing touch with reality (bad).


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