The Untamable Tamer


I was inspired to create the Untamable Tamer  because it looked like Charlie was trying to pick up a lady while he was locked in a cage. Who else would do that! I figured if I made it look like we wanted to be there and was using the lion to pick up ladies it would make an interesting story.

I used to grab the Chaplan video. I made the audio files myself using Adobe Audition. I created the intro and credits slides in powerpoint sand saved the files as pngs. Once I had all the files i added everything to windows video editor. I muted the video’s actual volume first. Then I put the into pictures and credits picture at the end and beginning of the video respectively. I adjusted the amount of time each slide was on the screen and finally lined up the audio with the video. Finally, I saved the file and an MP4 and uploaded it to youtube.


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