Bring It On: Fight to the Finish – Week 5


In case you haven’t noticed by now I try to name my weekly summary titles after movies. OK, I didn’t do that for week one but did for all the other weeks. This being the fifth week I had to name if after the fifth movie in a series. Surprisingly there are a lot of direct to TV fifth movies and a few (new) classics liked Harry Potter and Star Wars but I decided to select Bring it On: Fight to the Finish because is references two of my assignment topics this week.

the first, is my 90 minute story by made by sounds The Champ, the story of a boxer winning a fight. I had a good time making the champ and appreciate all the time that goes into editing sounds. The second is my rendition of Can I Take Your Order, the adventures of a cheerleader/sorority girls in McDonald drive. through. Maybe it was more or an impersonation then rendition?

The last reason reason I selected the title is because the next 7 days will be a fight to the finish for me. Much like like the boxer I have trained for this (lots of all nighters in my job and in college) and will be able to pull off the upset but finish the last two assignments in seven days. Maybe I should have called this mission impossible.

The other bit assignment I worked on this week was Foley Proof – The Lion Sleeps Tonight, a folly I created in my bathroom using water, a pain tin, toilet paper, a towel, my bath tub, my door and some creative self made sound effects. I think my favorite sound effect I made was the dog growling but I really enjoyed the paint tin dropping sound. It really made an excellent water dish falling sound.

One last thing, I realized I have not added no ideas for my final project this week. Due to the compressed nature of my last few assignments I’ll probably come up with one big idea. I know that’s deviating from the outline a bit but I’ve never been one for rules… no but seriously, hopefully that’s ok. I will come up with a decent idea towards the end of the week and create my masterpiece this weekend just in time to toast champagne next week at midnight on Monday. Hopefully I submit the assignment a litter sooner but I think you get the point.


Can I Take your Order?


I selected this week’s assignment because it has to do with food and because it sounded funny. The assignment I selected was pretend i’m ordering food at McDonalds in an accent that is different than mine. I’m not great at accents so I slightly changed the assignment and did not select an accept per say but instead attempted to sound like an airhead sorority girl ordering food. Folks, in case anyone is offended I was once in a sorority and like to poke fun at myself. Thought I try not to speak this way, I’m sure I slipped into “character” a few times in my younger days : ). To listen to my clip, press play or I may break out into one of my sorority’s cheers :).

I wanted to get this in one take so I spent a few minute brainstorming what I should say. It’s a little ironic that I had to brainstorm about what an airhead would say but I did :). I decided I wanted my character to be picky and indecisive. A good sorority girl wants salad and doesn’t want any of the ingredients that come on the salad. Additionally I wanted her to be concerned about her weight and order diet coke, but then go for the fries that she really wants. And of course, no trip to a drive through would be complete without a little giggling in the background from friend in the backseat.

I also liked the idea of having the employee interact with the girl so I spoke in a slightly different voice then my own and muffled my voice.

When I was ready to record I practiced my voice a little to get into character then press record on adobe audition. I got in in one take and the little imperfections where I was thinking about what to say next added to the authenticity.


Foley Proof – The Lion Sleeps Tonight


If you’d like to hear my foley click on the place button. I’ll provide the making of story below.

I had fun doing this assignment. I’m a night owl and planned to work on it last night when my husband was sleeping but thought better or it and decided he wouldn’t appreciated me running around the condo making noises at 4:00 AM.

To come up with my Foley script I followed the recommended instructions and wrote down a description and length of each sound. Next I tried to determine how I could mimic the sound using the tools I had in my condo. I decided to use my bathroom because one of the segments required me to use water.

The first sound I had to mimic was a dog tugging on Mr. Charlin’s leg, I made small down growling sounds for about two seconds. Then a woman walked up and Charlie shushed her so I recorded myself making she shhh sound. The woman realized what was happening (see’s the lion) and fainted onto soft ground so I dropped wrapped roles of toilet paper on the the ground to mimic the sound. Then I clapped my hands twice to make the sound charlie made when he slapped his chest and face. The next sound I had to make was Charlie picking up a trey of water and splashing around for 10 seconds followed by an abruptly dropping the trey. Before my recording I filled up a paint trey will water and placed it in my bathtub. When the time came i picked up the trey so the flimsiness could be heard and splashed water (and spilled some) all over the tub. When this was going on I made a big yawn noise as the lion was yawning. When the yawn ended, I dropped the water trey from about 2 feet above the tub to get a loud boom and water splash sound. Then I dashed towards the door patting my legs to mimic Charlie running and slammed my body into the door to create a thud sound Charlie created when running into the door. Don’t worry folks, I played soccer, I can take a hit. Last, I jiggled the door handle and the door to create the sound of Charlie trying to escape as the lion walked closer.

The Champ


I developed The Champ, a story of a boxing match as told by sounds and no narration for several reasons.Click the play button to listen to The Champ.

I thought the story would be easy to follow. Boxing does not require much narration to understand and has a very simple story line. I thought the story of a boxer, preparing for a fight, fighting, knocking out his opponent and winning to the delight or fans is a pretty simple but effective story with very distinct sounds. And of course, no story about a hero/athlete is complete without a theme song and uplifting music in the end!

I developed the audio story using Adobe Audition. I have used Audition before but this is the first time i’ve used the mutitrack feature to layer sounds. I had some moments when only one sound of playing at once for example the intro from we will rock you and the end theme song played along. But throughout the fight I had a track of cheering and a track of boxing noises. When the fight got intense I added extra custom punches and the sound of a body falling to intensify the story line.

I own copies of both we will rock you and “gonna” fly now so I don’t have a place to direct everyone back to source files. I downloaded all of the other sounds from Freesound. The list below contains links to the source files:

It’s also important to note that I had to edit the lengths of some of the tracks, for example I only played the first 10 second of we will rock you, and 30 seconds of “gonna” fly now. I also made the loud cheering fade in and out because it was so much louder then the files before and after it. This was a feature I have used an an older audio editing tool but never in audition before.

Partial screen shot of "The Champ" being developed in Audition. There were 9 tracks in total.

Partial screen shot of “The Champ” being developed in Audition. There were 9 tracks in total.

The Big Cheese


I created a short new story about the Wisconsin Dairy Council’s response to the California happy cows ad campaign called the The Big Cheese. Press the play button to listen to the big cheese.

I wrote it because I thought it was funny and because I remember thinking about the commercial and Wisconsin’s reputation as “cheese heads” when I saw the commercials originally. Hopefully my native Midwestern accent adds to the realism, and yes that is unfortunately my actual accent.

I hope you all enjoy the fake newscast.

Week 3: Try Hard with a Vengeance


The title of this week’s summary is a play on the classic Die Hard with a Vengeance. I debated if I could refer to it as a classic then realized that its in 20 years old. They classify music that that 20 years old as classic rock so I guess the same would be true for movies? Scary thought.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the old adage a picture is worth a 1000 words. This week we learned about using pictures of tell stories.

In Stop or my Mom will Shoot a Bad Photo, I tried a few different techniques to enhance my photos. The first was using the rule of thirds to naturally slice images into three segments. The second, talking photos from silly caused me to change the way I looked at the word.

In Picture Perfect and The Story Behind the Picture Perfect Gallery, I went on a photo scavenger hunt to find interesting photos around my condo. My favorite photo is probably a drill in my refrigerator.

Photo of two things that do not belong together

Photo of two things that do not belong together

Then I wrote a story about a dog who helped his master pick of ladies in the 5 picture flicker challenge. This helped to realized that I can write a story based on almost any sequence of five images. To read about Rufus click here.

The last two blog articles I wrote feature different pictures I created in Photoshop. For a list of the story being the images select the images. I’ve prefer to let you have your own interpretation of the images then read more about them if you are interested.

Apple Lemon Bushbouquet-of-18 roses 1 is red

You Should Have Seen it in Color


bouquet-of-18 roses 1 is redThere is a country song I really like called, should have seen it in color that was the inspiration for this photo. The song features a grandfather telling his grandson son about what it was like in the “good old days,” the chorus is something along the lines of, “A picture’s worth a thousand words, but you cant see what those shades of gray keep covered, you should’ve seen it in color.” There is a verse in the song he is telling the boy about his grandma and points out that the rose was red and her eyes were blue and it really struck me powerful. Red is so often the color of love and power and evokes strong feelings. For that reason I decided to use an image of a bouquet of roses and make the entire bouquet grey but one rose.

I created this image using Photoshop. First I found a color image of a bouquet of roses. Then I opened the bouquet images in Photoshop. I added a background layer so I could manipulate the image. then I used the quick selection tool to select the rose I wanted to keep red. I pasted it into a new layer above the original image. Then from the adjustments tab, i created a back and white layer. I modified the layer slightly, making the red (most the image) a little lighter then it was originally. I made sure the red rose was the top layer and moved it slightly so it was exactly on top of the black and white rose. The last step I did was saving the images as a PNG file.