You Should Have Seen it in Color


bouquet-of-18 roses 1 is redThere is a country song I really like called, should have seen it in color that was the inspiration for this photo. The song features a grandfather telling his grandson son about what it was like in the “good old days,” the chorus is something along the lines of, “A picture’s worth a thousand words, but you cant see what those shades of gray keep covered, you should’ve seen it in color.” There is a verse in the song he is telling the boy about his grandma and points out that the rose was red and her eyes were blue and it really struck me powerful. Red is so often the color of love and power and evokes strong feelings. For that reason I decided to use an image of a bouquet of roses and make the entire bouquet grey but one rose.

I created this image using Photoshop. First I found a color image of a bouquet of roses. Then I opened the bouquet images in Photoshop. I added a background layer so I could manipulate the image. then I used the quick selection tool to select the rose I wanted to keep red. I pasted it into a new layer above the original image. Then from the adjustments tab, i created a back and white layer. I modified the layer slightly, making the red (most the image) a little lighter then it was originally. I made sure the red rose was the top layer and moved it slightly so it was exactly on top of the black and white rose. The last step I did was saving the images as a PNG file.



When life gives you lemons, grow an apple lemon bush.


Apple Lemon Bush

This is the second of the visual assignments I’ve completed for week three. I was looking at red images for my last assignment including roses, barns, and apples because I think red is a powerful color. That made me think about apples and agriculture, specifically bushes. Then I thought, would it be funny if something else were to grow with apples. First I thought about oranges and then I decided to go with lemons because they just looked funny together. I think the images is fresh and a little whimsical and may make “city folk” think twice about where apples come from.

I used Photoshop to create the assignment. I opened the bush image up and made it the background image.


Then I opened of the apple image. It was too large so I resized it to fit the scale of the bush image. Then I used the quick selection tool to select the apple only, leaving the white background behind, and pasted it into the bush background.


I pasted the apple three times so each apple was a separate layer and left the layers in the default position at the center of the screen. I followed the same process for the lemon image but copied five lemons layers onto the bush.


Then I selected each layer one by one and moved the lemons and apples around so they were spread out across the bush. Last, I saved the image at a PNG so the file is compressed into one layer.