Foley Proof – The Lion Sleeps Tonight


If you’d like to hear my foley click on the place button. I’ll provide the making of story below.

I had fun doing this assignment. I’m a night owl and planned to work on it last night when my husband was sleeping but thought better or it and decided he wouldn’t appreciated me running around the condo making noises at 4:00 AM.

To come up with my Foley script I followed the recommended instructions and wrote down a description and length of each sound. Next I tried to determine how I could mimic the sound using the tools I had in my condo. I decided to use my bathroom because one of the segments required me to use water.

The first sound I had to mimic was a dog tugging on Mr. Charlin’s leg, I made small down growling sounds for about two seconds. Then a woman walked up and Charlie shushed her so I recorded myself making she shhh sound. The woman realized what was happening (see’s the lion) and fainted onto soft ground so I dropped wrapped roles of toilet paper on the the ground to mimic the sound. Then I clapped my hands twice to make the sound charlie made when he slapped his chest and face. The next sound I had to make was Charlie picking up a trey of water and splashing around for 10 seconds followed by an abruptly dropping the trey. Before my recording I filled up a paint trey will water and placed it in my bathtub. When the time came i picked up the trey so the flimsiness could be heard and splashed water (and spilled some) all over the tub. When this was going on I made a big yawn noise as the lion was yawning. When the yawn ended, I dropped the water trey from about 2 feet above the tub to get a loud boom and water splash sound. Then I dashed towards the door patting my legs to mimic Charlie running and slammed my body into the door to create a thud sound Charlie created when running into the door. Don’t worry folks, I played soccer, I can take a hit. Last, I jiggled the door handle and the door to create the sound of Charlie trying to escape as the lion walked closer.


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